• Daler Mehndi sentenced 2 years jail for human trafficking

    16th March 2018

    Veteran Singer Daler Mehndi is convicted for human trafficking case by a Patiala court in Punjab and sentenced to two years imprisonment. The 50-year-old singer was arrested by the Punjab Police soon after his conviction. A police case was filed against Mehndi and his brother Shamsher by the Patiala police for a complaint filed by Bakshish Singh of Balbehra village of Punjab in 2003.

    The complainant even states that he had been threatened by the Mehndi brothers who earlier received lakhs of rupees from him on sending him abroad as a member of performers. The Punjabi singer was arrested after the case was registered but was released on bail after a few days.

    Shamsher died in 2017 due to jaundice. He was a part of Daler Mehndi's stage performers group and was one of their songwriters as well. Moreover, several members of the group had also come forward with similar complaints against the two brothers. The court has already dismissed two discharge petitions which were in favour of the singer. The court has also rejected the second bail application and ordered the police to file a fresh challan against Mehndi.

    Now the singer is prisoned for two years on the basis of sufficient legal evidence upheld against him. Although the police are still prosecuting the case.

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