• Dar Motion Pictures to throw a party for KJo

    17th August 2013
    Dar Motion Pictures have planned to throw an industry party for the director-producer Karan Johar.
    Karan has decided to attach his name to presenting and marketing of the film 'The Lunchbox'.
    The film that has won accolades at various International film festivals will now get a theatrical release across India.
    Karan who will be promoting the film will soon be receiving a token of thanks by the makers; Dar Motion Pictures who want to throw a party for him.
    Dar motion pictures, who just released 'D-day' want to be upfront in their appreciation of Karan taking up the project.
    While 'The Lunchbox' has Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddique at its helm, its core audience is very excited about the project. 
    With a commercial presentator like Karan Johar it would help them make it a more commercial film.
    Dar Motion Pictures is very excited about 'The Lunchbox' and wants to do all in its power to push its prospect in India.
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