• Delhi is over-exposed, says Tigmanshu

    19th May 2014

    Renowned Indian filmmaker, Tigmanshu Dhulia recently stated that the Indian capital has been over-exposed in films. The 'Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster' director feels that shooting every other film in Delhi has over-exposed the place.

    Delhi is one of Tigmanshu's favorite places in India as it is also his hometown, but he feels that exposing the capital too much could be bad.

    "I have shot an entire film, Shagird (2011), there. But right now, I have no plans of shooting in Delhi. The place has been overdone in films, as almost every other movie is being shot there. If anything comes to me that requires me to shoot there, I will definitely do that," said Tigmanshu.

    However, Tigmanshu confesses that the exposure has helped artists get the right opportunities.

    "These days, with so many things happening in Delhi, almost ek industry khul gayi hai (almost a parallel industry has come up there). There are people who help you with artistes and junior artistes. There are also those who show you the right places so your recce becomes easy given their knowledge and help. But the downside is that in Delhi, these same film professionals end up exploiting filmmakers from Mumbai," he added.

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