• Dev Sahaab turns 88 today!

    26th September 2011

    "Chargesheet, a movie releasing on 30th September, 2011 will star Dev Sahaab"... This news started making rounds and everyone was shocked. Yes, Dev Anand who is still young at heart and just like his autobigraphy believes in "Romancing with Life", will really be a part of this movie.

    Dev Anand was born as Dharam Dev Anand on 26th September, 1923 in the undivided Pakistan. He graduated in English Literature from the Government College of Lahore, now in Pakistan. After this, he came to Mumbai, the City of Dreams. He didn't immediately start off in acting but soon joined his brother as a member of the Indian People's Theatre Association. He was soon offered his debut through the Prabhat Talkies' film Hum Ek Hain (1946). In the process, he struck a strong bond of friendship with Guru Dutt and it became a pact between them that when Dev Anand produced a film, Guru Dutt would direct it and when Guru Dutt produced one, Dev Anand would be the director. After this his career graph only soared. He starred opposite Suraiya in almost six films and in the process the two fell in love with each other. The relationship never worked out due to religious differences. 

    Dev Anand was a man with difference and brought his own style to the movies. His rapid-fire style dialogue delivery and nodding while speaking became Dev's signature styles. His movies are still remembered and audience all over lap them up. Guide, Jewel Thief, Johnny Mera Naam and Hare Raam Hare Krishna were huge hits. Till date, Dev Anand has directed 19 films and produced 31 films of which 7 directorial ventures and 18 films respectively were commercially successful at the box office. He also wrote the story for 13 of his films.

    Throughout his career, he has achieved much and received many awards and accolades. Awards like the Padma Bhushan in 2001, Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2002, Legend of Indian Cinema Award at Atlantic City in 2004, etc... 

    Dev Anand, a true legend is credited to give breaks to many like Jackie Shroff, Tabu, Richa Sharma, Amit Khanna and Rajesh Roshan. 

    Fridaymoviez wishes Dev Sahaab a very Happy Birthday and success for his upcoming venture!

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