• Fresh petition filed for Karisma-Sunjay divorce

    29th December 2015

    Sunjay Kapoor has filed a fresh petition for divorce from bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor after their divorce by mutual consent fell through.

    A list of terms was submitted by the couple alongwith the divorce petition in May 2014 which included Kapur forming a trust in the name of his two children (Samaira and Kiaan) and a house in the children's names. Karisma, in turn, was to allow her estranged husband visitation rights.

    However after 18 months, when the couple failed to meet the terms and conditions of the petition, both the parties withdrew the plea and sources confirmed that now Sunjay has filed a fresh petition for the divorce.

    Kranti Sathe, Karisma's lawyer said, "The proceedings were reaching the final stage during my tenure. He was supposed to form a trust for his children and transfer a house (standing in the name of his father) to Karisma's name, but his father expired in 2015 and the consent terms could not be met."

    IJ Nanda, principal judge of the family court said, "The petition was filed by both of them in 2014. It is seen that both petitioners failed to comply. They remained absent many times before the Court. The withdrawal application was filed on 25 November. As both petitioners have withdrawn their consent....the petition is liable for dismissal."



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