• Giuliana Rancic: Weird names aren't cool

    31st August 2012

    Giuliana Rancic prefers "classic" names to really outlandish ones.

    The E! News hostess and her husband Bill welcomed their first son Edward Duke Rancic in Denver days ago via a surrogate.

    Giuliana and Bill wanted to keep their baby's forename simple and classy.

    "My dad's name is Eduardo, and Bill's dad's name was Edward," Giuliana told the American edition of OK! magazine just before the baby was born.

    "We're thinking maybe Edward, and we'd call him Eddie. We're thinking about that, because Bill's father passed away ten years ago, and they were best friends. There's a very special connection there still, and my dad and I are very close.

    "Definitely nothing too weird and Hollywoodish. Something more classic, for sure.

    "Even though we work in Hollywood, Bill and I are very traditional at the core, and that started even when I changed my last name. A lot of people were telling me you shouldn't change your last name, you should keep your name, you're on TV.' I thought, I'm not gonna let Hollywood dictate that.' That's what I believe in.

    "That goes for all of our values, and that includes kids' names."

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