• Gulshan Grover to play a pivotal role in a Polish film

    30th July 2018

    Bollywood's Badman Gulshan Grover bagged a role of a single parent to two young girls in an international production. Gulshan's son Sanjay who is a Hollywood studio producer and executive for so many years, recently got his father a lead role in a Polish film.

    This would require the actor to portray a strong emotional bond with them on screen, and Sanjay felt only his father could do justice to the part. Gulshan's son Sanjay was born in Bollywood and raised in Hollywood. Although he now resides in India he keeps suggesting Indian actors who he thinks could fit parts in Hollywood projects.

    It was almost a decade ago when Grover junior used to screen Bollywood films at the MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) headquarters in Los Angeles says his dad. He clearly spoke that his son feels that he was the best fit for the role in the Polish production as he has been a single father in real life too and his experience would come in handy on screen.

    "I'm very proud of my son, Sanjay has been helping Indian talents across the world and now he has helped his father bag an important role too," Gulshan signs off.   

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