• Hate Story Movie Review

    20th April 2012

    Cast: Paoli Dam, Nikhil Dwivedi and Gulshan Deviah 

    Director: Vivek Agnihotri 

    Ratings: 1/5

    You might hate this Hate Story...

    By Priyanka Ketkar

    Sensational posters, raunchy trailer, an actress with the "oomph" factor and of course the name of the Bhatt camp... Hate Story is thus sold. But does all this assure a good movie? Definitely not, and Hate Story, directed by Vivek Agnihotri proves it yet again.

    Kavya (Paoli Dam), a budding journalist who hunts down the truth and exposes big scandals finally makes it to the front page when she exposes Siddharth's (Gulshan) company scandal. Furious Siddharth decides to make this enemy of his, a close aide and offers her a job. Guess what... Kavya Krishna takes the job. So what exactly does a journalist do in a Cement manufacturing company? No idea...but it definitely has something to do with "Jhooth ka parda faash karke sachch saamne laana..." Siddharth uses her and abuses her so much that Kavya now wants to take revenge. She seeks help from her best friend Vicky (Nikhil Dwivedi) after losing her family support. Vicky obviously loves her but sad, Kavya doesn't even know about this.

    Initially, though she is looking for some job, another strike from Siddharth breaks her morale completely and she takes up a profession which is apparently only second to politics; i.e. prostitution. Why she chooses this profession instead of just pretending to be a prostitute is beyond my understanding; she anyway poses as a fan while trapping the CEO of Siddharth's company... So what logic does her choice of career make? Don't bother. There are many more illogical professional choices to come.

    So anyway, she strikes, then Siddharth strikes, she strikes again; repeats the same dialogues which Siddharth had thrown at her, he does the same and this goes on and on till the end. Finally, the truth triumphs, as always; but wait, just when you think the movie is over...there is a surprise...a twist.

    The entire movie seems to be a pointless and a pathetic revenge game. It only makes sense when Vicky tells Kavya that you "Yes, you have been wronged but the initial choices were yours". That is the only good message in the entire movie. Except Nikhil Dwivedi, Mohan Kapur and Joy Sengupta, no one can act. Gulshan Deviah, who has been previously impressive, fails to have any impact whatsoever. It is only a few times when you actually feel that he is doing a good job. Nikhil Dwivedi is a seriously under-rated and under-utilized actor. Bad dialogue delivery and really poor acting is the combination which Paoli Dam is made up of. She has been exposed to the fullest but you will never feel any sympathy towards her. She just makes the entire issue look hideous.

    The movie looks glossy, the clothes, the lavish sets and the beautiful Delhi scenes are captured well. The music is just about okay. In fact, the first song- Mahe Jaan...Dil Ye bezubaan sounds like a very "inspired song". There are many other glitches in the movie like when they are trying to revive her heart by giving her shocks; her oxygen mask is still on her; whereas it should be put up only after finding a pulse. If I reveal more I will have to reveal the twist, so no more. One starts observing all such "extra", "unnecesaary" things when one starts losing interest in the actual movie. And the dialogues just make it all worse. Although meant to be serious, they end up being funny.

    Overall, there is hardly anything left to say and after watching the movie you might end up hating this Hate Story.


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