• Hema Malini pays her condolence to young mishap victim

    8th July 2015

    Actress Hema Malini, who is currently recovering at her Mumbai residence pays her condolence to the young accident victim, Sonam who died in the car accident on a social networking site.

    The actress tweeted, "My heart goes out to the child who unnecessarily lost her life and the family members who have been injured in the accident. How I wish the girl's father had followed the traffic rules - thn this accident could have been averted & the lil one's life safe!"

    Actress' family has assured the victim's family financial assistance post the mishap. Meanwhile the actress thanked her well wishers and slammed the media for their insensible take on it.

    She tweeted, "I'm touched & overwhelmed by the many msgs & calls frm well wishers in India & frm the world over. I thank each one of u frm the bottom of my heart for ur genuine concern & prayers which have helped in my recovery frm the nightmare & trauma I've undergone. Love u all."

    "Just going thro ur replies!The accident has shown me how much u ppl love me & care for my welfare. All my years spent in the entertainment field has brot so much goodwill, I'm amazed! Thank u all for this love for which I am eternally grateful! U have given me so much strength."

    Slamming the media she wrote, "As for the sensation-hungry media & a few members of the public who had a field day maligning me even when I was helpless &in deep trauma who actually & unbelievably stooped to the lowest levels of human decency, I can only say "Shame on u" &"God Bless"!"

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