• I hate being objectified, Sushmita

    19th July 2011

    Sushmita Sen, the ex-Miss Universe might be known for her beauty but the woman, who is currently behind selecting beautiful faces for the international pageant, hates being objectified. She says that last year, when they were on the verge of deciding the title for their pageant, she didn't want any name to be beauty specific. Sushmita says that when someone tags a woman as 'Miss Beauiful Eyes' 'Miss Beautiful Legs', or 'Miss Beautiful Smile' she doesn't like it. According to her, that is against the dignity of a woman to personify her image just by her outer looks, by overlooking what she actually is.

    Hence she says that when she came to a stage to name a beauty pageant, she wanted a name that will speak of one's integrity and self belief. According to her, nothing's better than 'I am She'.

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