• I would cast Ranveer as Lakhan, says Anil

    26th June 2015

    Subhash Ghai's 'Ram Lakhan' had always been in speculation for its remake as the film is considered to be iconic. In an interview with Ram played by Anil Kapoor and speaking about good and bad idea about the film's remake, he said, "Yeh remake karna, is a kind of hype. I think it's more a business proposition than a creative proposition. It is not an artistic decision."

    When asked about casting of Ram and Lakhan in the remake, Anil said, "I feel who is best for the film commercially, they should cast him. If I was a producer, I would cast Ranveer Singh as Lakhan. Ram would be Sidharth Malhotra because of the intensity."

    Karan Johar had earlier announced the remake of the film and Rohit Shetty will give the directorial touch to it.  

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