• Imran Khan names daughter Imara Malik Khan

    16th June 2014

    This Father's Day was quite special for Bollywood Actor Imran Khan who just cannot stop obsessing over his new born baby girl. He along with his wife Avantika have named their child Imara Malik Khan. 

    Imraan explains that why he calls it a 'Dumdaar' name. 

    "It is Swahili and it means strong and resolute," said Imran who cannot stop smiling these days. 

    Beaming with happiness, Imran recalls the experience of first holding his baby. 

    "Our world changed on June 9. The baby was born at 9.14 am on a Monday morning and when they handed her over to me at 9.15, a switch went off in my head. It is clichéd, but my world has changed," added Imran. 

    But not many know that he is growing possessive of her with each passing day. The girl is just seven-days old and the doting father already has made some crazy arrangements. 

    The baby's room is manned by a camera, which is accessible from anywhere in the world. "Wherever I am, whatever I am doing, I can access her room on my phone," he added explaining how he won't miss a single moment of her childhood even when he is working away from home. 

    Imran also added that his little girl can make his world spin. 

    "If I had had a boy I would have some semblance of dignity. But since it's a girl, I will be on my knees for the rest of my life. My daughter can twist me around her little finger," he concluded with that never-ending smile that has been on his face since Imara was born. 

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