• Imran resolves the twitter issue

    6th June 2014

    In the digital age where many online accounts are vulnerable to the devilish thoughts of trouble makers, it doesn't come as a surprise when crazy fans go to ugly lengths to show their obsession for their beloved stars.

    And this was recently experienced by Bollywood Actor Imran Khan who was shocked to discover that an impersonator was running a fake twitter account on his name. 

    The impersonator interacted with his fans and even requested producer Pritish Nandy for a meeting. 

    The Twitter handle (@ ImranKhanSpeak) attracted thousands of followers within no time. The account was started earlier this week and had gained huge momentum in a couple of days. 

    It is a known fact that Imran used to be on Twitter, but he had deactivated the account a couple of years ago. 

    However, as soon as he came to know about this he took immediate steps against it. 

    "I personally contacted people at Twitter and asked them to look into the matter. They've been very helpful in this case and have taken the necessary action. Even I was surprised to see what was happening on the site," he added.

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