• Imran to play a 'funny superhero'

    5th August 2013
    The first thought that comes to the mind on hearing the word superhero is that of a powerful man who will protect the world from evil forces. 
    However, what about a Gujju speaking superhero that has no clue of what he is capable unless he wears the cape. 
    After directing the emotional saga 'Lootera'Vikram Aditya Motwane is now planning to make a superhero flick and has approached Imran Khan for the same. 
    Imran was gung-ho on being offered the role that could be a game changer in his career. 
    The actor has been on a very experimental mode recently. 'Matru ki Bijli ka Mandola' was an attempt to play a rustic character and now in 'Once upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara' he will be seen essaying the role of a Muslim goon. 
    Now with Imran taking on the leap, lets see if a new superhero series is born in Bollywood. 
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