• Imran's personal theatre to be ready by 2014

    18th March 2013

    Bollywood's new breed of actors have their own interests in which they invest their time and money relentlessly. Be it Shahid Kapoor's love for two wheelers or Ranbir Kapoor's love for sports cars, new age actors pamper themselves unconditionally. And the latest to join the marquee is Imran Khan.

    The actor has made it to headlines for investing a huge sum in making a private theatre at his Bandra home, which has been in the making for quite some time now. But it is taking time to get ready as most of the equipments that are bought for installation are custom-made.

    Imran has specially taken a keen interest in selecting equipments for the theatre as he is a self confessed techno-freak and a movie enthusiast.

    The theatre is being made in the basement of his home with a separate entrance.

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