• Its digital v/s traditional at the box office

    30th September 2014

    Digital versus Traditional media has definitely taken the advertising and promotional activities of the movies by storm. Filmmakers prefer the digital platform for the publicity of their films in order to reach out to maximum number of audiences.

    Promotions of 'Haider' and 'Bang Bang' are seen in a full swing. While 'Bang Bang' has taken the digital route, star cast of 'Haider' has stuck to the traditional one.

    The Bang Bang star gave his star friends a challenge titled as #BangBangDare. Starting with Badshah Khan of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan showed off his fans his ab exercise as a part of this dare.

    The ever energetic, Ranveer Singh entertained the onlookers by performing on Hrithik's song on a busy street in Mumbai.

    Farhan Akhtar too took up the challenge to cycle around Bandra in his skydiving suit. Priyanka Chopra rocked a headstand in stilettos; Nargis Fakhri did a freestyle rap for Hrithik's dare.

    Creating a buzz with his social media gimmicks, Bang Bang has already got on the audience must watch list and it's an open secret that majority of the multiplexes are also booked by the filmmaker, studying the positive response for it.

    Meanwhile, 'Haider' targeted the most popular tv shows, to reach every household. The Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor starrer is a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet, set in Kashmir.

    Relatively a tense topic, Vishal Bhardwaj taking the traditional route seems a little risky. As Vishal's earlier films too, were meant for the classes more than the masses. Then choosing regular techniques might, make the film lose out on the intellectual audience of the society.

    Even though the films have taken the routes those are poles apart from one another, clashes at the box office can't be over looked. Now it's up to the audience to show, whether these promotion techniques really affect their decision or not. 

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