• Jack Black makes funeral request

    23rd March 2012

    Jack Black wants Boyz II Men played at his funeral.

    The American actor-and-singer has given a new interview alongside his Tenacious D bandmate Kyle Gass. During it the pair were quizzed on what tracks they would like played when they pass away, with both opting for boy bands.

    "Boyz II Men singing End of the Road," Jack told Q magazine. "Who was before Boyz II Men? I feel like they were first."

    When Kyle admitted he would prefer New Kids on the Block, Jack immediately understood where he was coming from.

    "You're going with NKOTB? I think that might be the best for the comedy," he laughed.

    Tenacious D formed in 1994 and have released two albums. Their new record Rize of the Fenix is due out in May and they will be playing live shows later this year.

    Despite their long friendship, Jack and Kyle have fallen out in the past. They always agree on music and record plans, but board games are a whole other matter.

    "When we first started hanging out we would play chess and when Kyle beat me he would tease me for having a smaller brain than him. He drew a picture on the wall of my brain size and his brain size and I just got so infuriated," he recalled. "I don't know why, but I lost control and I punched him as hard as I could on the arm, not the face so technically we came to blow because there was only one strike. Kyle didn't hit back We haven't played since After that I just sharpened my chess skills so insanely until they were like a Ginsu blade."

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