• Jack Black: Tenacious tour will be epic

    25th April 2012

    Jack Black insists Tenacious D's upcoming tour could only be rivalled be a Beatles reunion.

    Jack and Kyle Gass are preparing to hit the road this summer with their Rize of the Fenix tour. Jack has teased that the only music concert that could ever match Tenacious D's would be a Beatle's reunion - including deceased members John Lennon and George Harrison.

    "I guess if the [surviving] Beatles were able to resuscitate the dead ones and go on a massive tour, that's what the Tenacious D tour is going to be like," he told the New York Daily News.

    "So, if you missed the Beatles the first time, you should probably check our show out."

    In a separate interview, Jack has joked that Tenacious D have never had to "slum it" like most rock bands famously have done. The 42-year-old star has quipped the group - which was formed in 1994 - avoided living simply while they built up their reputation.

    "No we didn't man, we skipped the paying dues part. We did carry our own amps in the early days. Well, I did. But we just played LA so we didn't tour much. We had a couple years where we didn't make any money and we were just doing it for the love of the game. We never did the classic thing of, 'Ugh, this tour sucks, we're sleeping in the van and now it's in a ditch and we haven't showered in a week,'" he said.

    When the interviewer assumed the band had "always had it easy", Jack was quick to jokingly refute such claims.

    "No I didn't say that. I have broken many fingernails in the quest for musical glory. The sheer force of my strum is too much for my body to handle," he giggled.

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