• Jaya wants Aaradhya to be religious

    21st October 2012

    Bollywood's yesteryear actress Jaya Bachchan, though married to a North Indian Hindu (Amitabh Bachchan), being a Bengali by birth still practices her cultural ethics.

    The actress, who recently attended a mega Durga Puja event at the start of Navratri Festival, claims that her hubby ensures that he accompanies her on mega events. 

    "My husband comes with me at least on Maha Ashtami. However, this year Abhishek is not here while Aishwarya and Aaradhya are not keeping well," said Jaya.

    Talking about the newest entrant in the family, Jaya confessed that she'd like her granddaughter to be religious as well. 

    "I would love if Aaradhya learns about pooja and our rich culture. She must learn all of it. They are all getting so westernized. Her mother, Aishwarya is into celebrations and puja a lot, so she will want her child to have the cultural upbringing that she may have had as a child," said Jaya.

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