• Joel McHale: Alba had to pretend to like me

    2nd August 2011

    (Cover) - EN Movies - Joel McHale has teased that Jessica Alba proved herself as an actress pretending to be attracted to a guy "that looks like me".

    The actor, who stars alongside the beauty in Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D, joked that it is hard to believe a stunning woman like Jessica would be interested in him.

    In the movie, the brunette portrays Joel's second wife, a retired secret agent who is struggling to bond with her new stepchildren.

    "It was one of the hardest roles she has ever had to play because she had to pretend to like a guy that looks like me. It really shows how good she is at acting," he told American publication Variety.

    The actor also gushed about the movie's writer/director Robert Rodriguez.

    Joel joked that he would be prepared to take on even highly controversial roles under the filmmaker's guidance.

    "I would play a lovable paedophile if he wanted me to," he quipped. (C) Cover Media

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