• John goes social

    6th August 2014

    Bollywood's very own handsome hunk John Abraham not only holds a top rank in good looks and as a film actor, but he is also the silent crusader who continues to contribute to society.

    Apart from encouraging sports and a healthy living, the actor is also associated with a couple of social causes.

    We recently discovered that John along with his mom is contributing towards three noble deeds.

    His mother who dedicates her time to cancer patients, old age homes and underprivileged kids often calls upon his star son to encourage people in their difficult times.

    "I have grown up seeing my mother work selflessly for those who need it. She has inspired me to be associated with such deed," he said.

    He further adds that often he is the replacement for the stars whom the kids want to see."I am replacement for Salman Khan and other actors. Whenever someone is not available, my mom calls me up and I have to oblige," laughs John.

    However, he further adds that spending time with him is his own selfish need. "More than these kids, it brings happiness to me. I feel happy to see these kids smile," added John.

    Apart from taking care of these kids, John is also concerned about the abandoned parents who spend final years of their lives at old age homes. "How can children treat their parents like that? That makes me really angry when people just leave their parents at old age homes," he stated.


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