• John to finally start living with his wife

    3rd April 2014

    Bollywood Actor John Abraham secretly got married to his girlfriend Priya Runchal this New Year's Eve while he was on a break in the US. 

    Though there were always speculations on his intentions to get hitched secretly, nobody saw it coming this early.

    Nonetheless, after getting married secretly he publicly announced the same on his microblogging page. 

    But the star didn't get to enjoy the marital life as immediately after walking down the aisle with Priya he resumed working and his newly-wed wife too flew to London where she is currently studying. 

    But all will change in the coming days as his loving wife has decided to finally move to India in May and live with her doting husband. 

    And we hear that ever since then, John cannot stop flashing his oh-so-charming dimpled smile. 

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