• Journey Movie Review

    19th December 2011

    Cast: Sharwanand, Ananya, Jai, Anjali 


    Rating: 2.5/5

    Its about the beautiful JOURNEY called Life!

    Not all directors come forward to produce movies when their associates want to debut as filmmakers. But A R Murugadoss is sure one. However, Sharavanan being his assistant alone could not be the reason behind Muruguadoss venturing into production, for the script of Journey should also have given him enough confidence.

    The film, which was produced in Tamil (titled Engeyum Eppodhum) by the Ghajini director in association with Hollywood's Fox Star Productions, is now dubbed in Telugu as JOURNEY.

    It is a simple and straight forward attempt, which speaks about the journey called life. Without any commercial compromises, Sharavanan has presented a neat entertainer, which conveys a message too.

    The story is about two pairs, played by Sharwanand-Ananya and Jai-Anjali. Ananya hails from a village and she meets Sharvanan when she comes to the city in search of a job. In the process, both fall for each other.

    As far as the other pair is concerned, Jai is an innocent and calm youngster, while Anjali is an active and energetic girl, who works as a nurse in a hospital. Due to the circumstance, these opposite poles are attracted towards each other. On a fateful day, the youngsters are in a journey and the buses they travel meet with an accident.

    Sharwanand has got a meaty role. As a city youth, he gives right emotions. Anjali does a chirpy character. Jai is good while Ananya as a village girl is beautiful and adequate.

    Fresh music composer Sathya's tunes are catchy and so is his background score. Cinematographer R Velraj seems to be a man of imagination, for he blends colour with angles well. With the help of a strong cast and crew, Sharavanan emerges out in flying colours in his first attempt, despite the fact that he could have infused some more pace in the script.


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