• Kareena Kapoor Khan's IT account hacker arrested by Police

    3rd January 2017

    The Police officials from BKC arrested a 26 year old man who hacked Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan's IT account earlier in September 2016. The man is said to be an employee of Central Paramilitary forces and is a die-hard fan of Kareena. He belongs to a North Indian state and told Police that he hacked Kareena's account so that he could get her mobile number and could talk to her.

    An officer was quoted saying, "A mobile phone too has several IP addresses assigned to it. We had to figure out which phone had been allotted the IP address when the fraud took place. When our team questioned him on Sunday, he confessed to have illegally got onto the IT account of the actress using her PAN no that he found online."

    Kareena's CA has lodged a complaint against the hacker on October 1, 2016. According to the officials the hacker has also paid the quarterly tax amount and claimed for false returns without changing her password. The complaint was lodged after her CA was unable to access her account.

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