• Kartik to try his luck with stand up comedy

    10th November 2015

    Kartik Aaryan's monlogue is a rage. The monologue has been trending and infact there are versions of it which audiences have recorded and have gone viral.

    The monologue is hilarious and has taken the internet by storm. People have given Kartik very good feedback and infact wherever he goes people ask Kartik to perform the monologue.

    The new chocolate boy has also been approached by many event organizers to come and perform the monologue on occasions.

    At first he found it strange but with repeated requests coming, Kartik has been considering to take it up. He is also keen to try his hand at stand up comedy. He wants to give it a shot just for the fun of it. He feels an act on stage will help him as an actor as well.

    Kartik is a fun person and he is always up to new things. Kartik has been actively discussing this idea with people. He has also been seeing some stand up acts and asking his friends for recommendations 

    His monlogue seems to have given him a new dimension. His fans may also get a chance to see him up close and personal in this fashion.

 kingfisher backstage