• Kay Kay Menon looks up to Naseer and Aamir

    30th September 2014

    Acclaimed artist Kay Kay Menon is one of the finest Bollywood actors the country has ever produced. The actor who is in a league of his own, has been loved by critics and audiences alike for his unconventional roles and the panache with which he performs.

    Not often will you hear Bollywood stars talk about their mentors or rivals for that matter. But 'unconventional' being synonyms with him, makes the star do things differently.

    Recently when asked about his mentor and dear friend Naseeruddin Shah, the actor gladly chose to speak his heart out. "As a human being, ever since I have interacted with him, I have only learnt. He is a fun guy and I like the fact that he is a moohphat. He has absolutely no false airs about himself. I remember we had to once perform Mahatma Vs Gandhi for the President of India at Rashtrapati Bhavan. So we all went in a bus there. We entered the first security gate, got down and had our checking done, then the same thing at the second gate. By the time we reached the third gate and were asked to do the same drill once again, Naseer blew his top. He said, 'Who the hell does he think he is? Hum koi bhaand nahi hain.' Suddenly the security guys came and everything was in order. And that did not come from any ego, but it came from deep self- respect. Had he been a man of ego, he would have been a different man today. If somebody has invited you to perform somewhere, whoever he may be, you don't make life difficult for him to enter your house. We ultimately reached inside, where the whole cabinet had come to watch and suddenly from outside I heard someone shout, 'KK. Come here. Go there.' I went outside to see who was shouting taking my name and discovered that there was this dark handsome sniffer dog whose name was also KK. I landed up shaking hands with him. Naseer doesn't suffer fools and is brutally honest. He is often a misunderstood man," he said about Naseer who he clearly adores.

    But the veteran is not the only one whom he admires. There's a Khan too, whom he respects for his line of work.

    "I respect Aamir Khan a lot. He contributes a lot to cinema. I don't think Delhi Belly or a Peepli Live would have got the eye balls it got, had he not contributed in the way he did. Also, he makes a lot of difference to the screenplay. You take the directors who have worked with him and see how then they have worked without him, be it in Lagaan or Rang De Basanti, and you know the difference," he added.

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