• Kristen Stewart: I like cool men

    17th September 2012

    Kristen Stewart finds "cool guys" attractive.

    The actress is currently promoting her new movie On the Road, based on the classic novel by Jack Kerouac.

    The story follows some of the Beat Generation's antics and features the charming protagonist Dean Moriarty. Kristen can see why free-spirited Dean played by Garrett Hedlund is so appealing to the opposite sex.

    "Honestly, the man that Dean Moriarty represents was so... we got to talk to a lot of people who knew him and read everything about him," Kristen told MTV News. "But generally speaking, yeah, sure, girls like a guy who is cool."

    "Yeah, sure, cool guys are cool," she added with a smile.

    Kristen has been the subject of public scrutiny in recent months, after her affair with married director Rupert Sanders was revealed.

    The star's boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson was left devastated by the betrayal, but is now believed to have forgiven Kristen's infidelity after deciding he couldn't live without her.

    The pair are due to appear in public together to promote the final Twilight film Breaking Dawn - Part 2 in November.

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