• Leave me alone: Mallika Sherawat on Antonio Banderas 'relationship'

    28th June 2014

    Mallika Sherawat may not have landed herself in many Hollywood films, but this Bollywood export sure has quite a few contacts within the creme da la creme. 

    The actress gets invited to many high profile parties and events and she does not fail to flaunt pictures with her Hollywood friends as she posts them on social networking websites. 

    Now, one such picture with Spanish heartthrob Antonio Banderas has created a ruckus in Mallika's life. 

    The actor-filmmaker recently announced ending 18 years of marriage with wife Melanie Griffith and the reason behind it is touted to be his closeness with an Indian hottie. 

    It was also reported that the duo went on a holiday together which Mallika completely dismisses.

    Mallika in a statement said that she is extremely sorry about Banderas' divorce but she has nothing to do with it. She has taken no vacation with the Spanish actor. 

    "LEAVE ME ALONE!!," she tweeted after reports related to Antonio.

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