• Mallika Sherawat bags 'Gyarah Challis ki Last Metro'

    1st December 2011

    First it was the male protagonist who was replaced in the sequel of ‘Ek Challis ki last local’ when lead star Abhay Deol who starred in the original was replaced by Vivek Oberoi. Vivek bagged the anticipated sequel 'Gyarah Challis ki Last Metro' that had worked wonders for Abhay Deol’s then low lying career.

    And now the film has a new leading lady Mallika Sherawat who has replaced the original female lead of the franchise. Neha Dhupia played the female lead in the original where she played a prostitute but in the sequel, Mallika will be stepping into her shoes as the female lead. Mallika’s character in the film is of a bold Punjabi girl for which earlier Bipasha Basu was considered.

    However later the producers felt that Mallika suited the character sketch to the ‘T’ and that’s how the ‘Murder’ actress actually bagged the film.

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