• Mallika Sherawat clarifies every rumour via twitter

    12th January 2018

    Actress Mallika Sherawat came forward to clarify some rumours thrown at her that says the actress was being thrown out from her apartment in Paris, as she was not able to pay the rent and said that she does not own any flat neither has rented one.

    "I have said it before and I am saying it again, I do not own or rent any apartment in Paris! I have been in Los Angeles and India since last eight months," tweeted Mallika Sherawat on Wednesday morning."I do not live in Paris, please do not spread false rumours!" she added. Mallika's removal from the Paris apartment first came in the news in the mid-December last year. 

    However, the actress via a tweet clarified that she has 'no apartment' in Paris. "Some in the media think I have an apartment in Paris. It's absolutely not true. If someone has donated one to me, please send me the address," she tweeted.

    It is the same apartment where the couple was allegedly robbed last year and to show their annoyance about the same, Mallika and Cyrille did not pay the rent suggested France info and BBC reports. However, their lawyer said that they are facing 'temporary financial difficulties.' 

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