• Mallika's snide remarks annoyed Om Puri

    30th January 2015

    Mallika Sherawat's motor-mouth has landed her in trouble. The actress, who was recently promoting her upcoming film 'Dirty Politics' on a TV show passed a snide comment on actor Om Puri.

    On a TV show she declared that the veteran actor dyed his hair before they shot for a love-making in the film.

    An insider reveals this remark of Mallika has upset the actor. Om immediately confronted her on it and the actress had to apologize.

    Om Puri said, "Yes, I did confront Mallika when I heard what she had said somewhere about me. I didn't see the show. But people told me about it. She said it was a mistake. But what kind of a mistake is this? You put up your co-star, who is far more experienced than you, for ridicule on national television. Then you say it was a mistake?"

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