• Manisha Koirala To Buy Dream Home In Paris

    4th September 2010

    September 4, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Manisha Koirala returned from what she describes as the most perfect honeymoon possible. She sighs, "My husband Samrat and I traveled through the South of Finland then the North of Finland. Then we went to Stuttgard where I was on the jury of the Stuttgart Film Festival for the Bollywood And Beyond section." Then came the best part of Manisha's honeymoon. Paris!

    Sighs Manisha, "It's my dream city. But going there with my husband was a dream beyond a dream. It was different experience altogether." Manisha now intends to buy a home for Samrat and herself in Paris.

    Speaking from Kathmandu the radiant new bride says, "My life and priorities have changed. I can't think beyond the life that I've now got with Sam. Though my own family is very precious to me the time I spend with Sam's family is very important right now. His mother is a lovely person, and so are his father and brother."

    Manisha is candid enough to admit being in a marriage is not easy for a free spirited butterfly like her. "Sam and I are working hard on our marriage. We want this to work. With the blessing of the people who love us, it will. We now realize how much it takes to make a marriage work. It's tough on both of us. But since we love one another we are willing to make all the compromises that go into a successful marriage."

    At the moment Manisha is not thinking of her acting career. "I need to work on my marriage. I HAVE to make it work. It is the most important thing to have happened to me. And I need to spend time with my husband and his family. Right now I am not thinking of my career. But I will be involved with cinema in one way or another."

    Manisha returns to Mumbai alone in the first week of September without her husband. "I have to attend the screening of Onir's 'I Am' In New York and then Deepti Naval's 'Do Paise Ki Dhoop Chaar Aane Ki Baarish'. Both feature me in good roles. And I am committed to attending both the events. I also have a bit of work to complete on the Malayalam film I'm doing. That's it. After that I'm back in Kathmandu to be with my husband."

    As for throwing a post wedding reception party in Mumbai Manisha whispers shyly, "I hope soon there will be even more reason to celebrate."

    Motherhood seems her next dream stoppage. Hopefully the first baby will be born in Manisha's Parisian home.

    --Subhash K Jha / Sampurn Wire

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