• Meet Amitabh and Rishi the oldest father-son in town

    28th March 2018

    The makers of '102 Not Out' starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor are out with its 2 minutes 55 seconds official trailer and it is the quirkiest tale of a 102-year-old father telling his 75-year-old son that his aim is to become the world's longest living human being on earth by breaking the record of the 116-year-old Beijing man.

    It is their bitter-sweet chemistry that they hold the audiences with a lot of attention. Moreover, Big B urges his on-screen son to write a love letter, he is even seen threatening Kapoor that he will send him to a 'Vridhashram' (Old age home). Even after being 102-year-old on-screen Mr. Bachchan is enthusiastic and full of life whereas Rishi Kapoor seems to be a depressing quite old man.

    This well-intentioned slice of life film has Big B making his on-screen son realize that he must go back and talk to his wife and make attempt to holding their relation by writing a love letter full of appreciation. A funny moment comes when Rishi writes letter to his wife in grammatically correct Hindi and Amitabh taunts him 'Hindi mein kyu nai likha' this seems hilarious. Even the end part is extremely funny when Big B stops by reading out a cuss word.

    Based on a Gujarati play of the same name, 102 Not Out is slated to release worldwide on May 4, 2018. Click here to watch 102 Not Out official trailer.

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