• Mika-Hrithik bond over dancing

    16th June 2014

    Hold your horse before you assume that Bollywood's dancing star Hrithik Roshan is teaching a step or two to the popular singer Mika Singh.

    What we meant with the above given statement is that, it was their zest to enthrall the audience that brought them close.

    When Bollywood stars performed at an award function held in April, Hrithik and Mika too were one of the star attractions.

    Coincidentally, as soon as Hrithik's performance was over, the next in line was that of Mika's live singing performance. Hrithik who was still there backstage after his performance, decided to go on stage and join Mika in performance.

    Hrithik went on stage and broke into an impromptu jig which surprised Mika who was happy to have Hrithik performing to his songs. The singer was touched by his gesture and in order to express his gratitude, he sent a special gift to Hrithik's residence last week.

    Hrithik too was surprised by Mika's gesture and immediately called him to express his feelings.

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