• Morgan Freeman: I'm not a grumpy old man

    6th July 2012

    Morgan Freeman admits that he can get cantankerous at times.

    The 75-year-old Academy Award-nominated actor's schedule is normally packed with professional obligations.

    Morgan manages to keep his cool most of the time, but confesses that he buckles when he is not well rested.

    "I have moments. I think generally I'm easy going for the most part but sometimes in the morning if I didn't sleep well I can be kind of grumpy," he told USA Today.

    "But my grumpiness doesn't have that much to do with my dissatisfaction with my station in life."

    Morgan is currently promoting his new movie The Magic of Belle Isle and is preparing for the release of his next film The Dark Knight Rises later in the month.

    The thespian doesn't foresee an end to his career.

    "No! What good is that? You want to retire from a job you're not that all enamoured with," he shared. "I love what I do. I want to keep doing it till I can't get out of bed doing it."

    Morgan's not concerned about aging.

    "I don't worry about it but I work hard at preventing it," he explained. "I try to keep my mind active. I'm a solitaire and puzzle addict. I exercise religiously."

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