• Naseeruddin Shah to play Albert Einstein

    31st October 2014

    The name of Thespian Naseeruddin Shah is counted in the list of Indian Cinema's finest gems. He is all set to stun the audiences with his yet another stellar show where he plays the world renowned scientist Albert Einstein.

    He will be performing this play at the Prithvi Theatre's upcoming festival and is excited about the same. He explains how he ended up playing Einstein on stage."Somebody once mailed me a drawing he had made of me looking just like Einstein, which is when it struck me how much I looked like him. I do have Jewish features actually and get mistaken for a Jew when I have a beard," chuckles Naseer.

    However he confessed thay he had this script lying on his desk forever. "But jokes aside, I have always decided to do a play I came across if I liked it after the first reading. I have had this script lying in my drawer for over 10 years and in fact, don't even remember who gave it to me, except that it was someone in Delhi, but I had decided that I would do it one day," he added.

    He further revealed why he choose this specific play for the upcoming festival."This time, for the Prithvi Theatre festival, I was a little bit stuck with ideas and was planning to do an Ismat Apa Ke Naam Part 3, but it wasn't quite falling in place, so I decided to abandon it. Kunal (Kapoor) was insistent that I do something for the festival and it is a matter of pride to be part of the festival anyways. I had two months to practise a new play and I decided to do Einstein," he concluded. 

 kingfisher backstage