• No television debut for Jaya Bachchan

    1st December 2014

    A year ago it was announced that the veteran actress Jaya Bachchan will make her TV debut. However, sources claim that the show might not happen now.

    The actress was supposed to play a single mother who manages her entire family. Based on a Gujarati novel, Yog Viyog the show was been co-produced by Jaya too.

    Neither the channel nor the production house made an official announcement about this sudden change, but few of the actors signed for the show stated that the show won't be made now.

    A source says, "Actors were signed for the show, but no look tests or any other development happened. The set was ready and they were supposed to do a workshop, but then suddenly there was no news. Then representatives of the production team called to tell actors about the uncertain future of the show."

    Sudeep Sahir, who was also signed for a role in the show, says, "I was confirmed for the show in December last year, but then didn't hear from them (the production team) after that. In March this year, I was told that the show might not happen, and that I should look out for work. I don’t think it’s happening."

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