• 'Parzania' remake in the pipeline

    12th September 2017

    The 'Raees' director Rahul Dholakia flashes back to his elegance and class with a remembrance of his master stroke film 'Parzania'. Being released in 2005, the Naseeruddin Shah, Sarika Thakur and Parzan Dastur starrer is a National award winner for the Best Actress and Best Director category. Based on an incredible true story of a 10-year-old Parsi boy, Azhar Mody, who disappears in the Godhra riots in Gujarat and his parents are really worried about him and search their son with desperation. The film was controversial and remained unreleased in Gujarat, but the director now gives a thought to revamp this masterpiece.

    Talking to one of the leading source, Rahul Dholakia said, "It has been 13 years since I shot the film. Before the negatives get spoilt, I decided to restore it so if I want to televise it or put it up on a digital platform in future, 4K would be the best format."

    Dholakia further added on saying, "It is a human story above everything else which should be told irrespective of the era. I don't intend to release it, for now, says the captain of the Ship adding on a comma to this project. However, he finishes up with positive note downs saying. I have yet to decide on the cast and will get to it after I finish writing the script," the filmmaker says shortly.

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