• PeeCee apologizes for Hindu terrorism plot in 'Quantico' S3

    11th June 2018

    Priyanka Chopra is facing a backlash all over social media and she might have lost most of her fans as well, because of an episode from Quantico season 3 that aired recently. Ever since the episode is out the Indian audiences have been questioning the agenda of the makers and fiercely questioning the Desi girl how did she agree to act on such a defaming plot.

    For those who do not know about the controversy here is what happened from the episode. It was Priyanka as Alex Parrish, an anti-terrorist officer who stops a nuclear attack in Manhattan just days before an India-Pakistan summit. While the terrorist is an Indian Hindu and PeeCee gets a rudraksha from his bag and says, "Might be a Hindu terrorist planning to bomb innocent Pakistanis."

    Well here the whole India just pounced on Priyanka and there were tweets that literally mocked the makers and the 35-year-old actress. There were tweets like "Shame on you, Priyanka Chopra. Why are you making people dig into your half Christian religion behind your contribution to anti-India/anti-Hindu propaganda? How low you Bollywoodtards will fall for money & fame?" Another one said, "I was a huge of Quantico but nothing is beyond my country. You are ruining India's image globally, that will not at all acceptable. Shame on You for being part of this." 

    Following many of such tweets, Priyanka came forward to apologize everyone with this tweet. 

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