• Pooja ends her marriage with Manish

    10th December 2014

    In a very polite manner Bollywood actress cum filmmaker Pooja Bhatt announced a heart wrenching development. Pooja took it to social media to announce that she had indeed ended her 11 years of marital bond with hubby Manish Makhija.

    In a series of tweets the actress cleared that she was ending her unison with her hubby on mutual grounds.

    "To all those who care & especially those that don't my husband Munna & Me have decided to part ways after 11 glorious years of marriage," she wrote on her twitter handle. She further tweeted that the split was a mutual decision. She clearly didn't give out any reason for the divorce. 'Our split as some might call it is amicable & we hold each other in the highest esteem for now and forever. The reason I explain Is because we are both part of the public domain. Our friends,well wishers & foes are free to now speculate. : )" she posted.

    After gauging the reaction of people online, the actress came back with a fitting reply. "Staggered by the love & support displayed by intimate strangers as well as the silence from most of my friends! Love you all!" she wrote further on twitter.

    Not many know that Pooja and Manish grew close and became more than friends while shooting for her film 'Paap'. They had got married in 2003 in Goa.

    Though the divorce has come as a big shock to all, the couple has decided to not wash dirty linen in public and they have kept the reason for separation, very private.

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