• Prakash Jha faces the heat, literally!!!

    8th August 2011

    Bollywood's highly acclaimed director Prakash Jha has been surrounded by controversies throughout his career, by the fact that his socially-relevant films have been successful in presenting an unbiased take on sensitive issues. His last film 'Raajneeti' too came under the spotlight as it was touted that the film was based on India's high profile political families.

    Now his latest film 'Aarakshan' that's based on the caste-based reservation system in India is also facing similar heat too. After the national backward class committees raised their issues, now political parties too are raising their voice against the film. The activists of political parties recently attacked director Prakash Jha's residence and office as well.

    Prakash, who was extremely upset with this act, confirmed that no one was hurt but however expressed his dismay through his tweet, he wrote "Just heard that my office and home have been attacked by political activists who are against the release of 'Aarakshan." Prakash had expressed that he failed to understand why there's uproar amongst the political groups despite the fact that the censor board has given the film a clean chit.   

    Director Mahesh Bhatt too tweeted his opinion in Prakash's favor, "We can't allow politicians to stop the release of Prakash Jha's 'Aarakshan!'". With such support coming from Bollywood, we hope the film gets its due release.

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