• Prakash Jha wants to educate people with films

    24th October 2012

    Bollywood filmmaker Prakash Jha is known for his knack to put up social issues on silver screen through his films.

    Be it 'Raajneeti', 'Gangaajal' or 'Aarakshan', he has brought up some of the most serious issues to public attention through cinema. 

    While many assume that the filmmaker is trying to perform his philanthropy duties by creating awareness through films, the man himself stated that contrary to the belief, films cannot bring a change in the society. He believes that films are just a medium to expose these issues to the society.

    "I just want to open these issues up for understanding and discussion. According to me, cinema is not completely capable of bringing about social change but I am sure it can educate and inform people, and emotionally move them," said Prakash.

    When asked to divulge more on his belief that films can't bring a change in society, Prakash exclaims that a social change has a lot many factors to its credit. 

    "A whole lot of other factors and motivations are required to bring in a change in society. As far as films are concerned it is the medium I use to express myself so this is how I do it," added Prakash who's next film titled 'Chakravyuh' talks about the prevailing Naxalism in Indian society. 

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