• Priyanka tied in 'Zanjeer'

    12th April 2012

    Looks like its just remakes remakes and remakes for Priyanka Chopra. After the success of 'Don' and 'Agneepath', the latest one in her kitty is the 70's classic 'Zanjeer'

    Priyanka will be playing the character of Jaya Bachchan in the movie which got very popular, especially because of the track 'Chaku chooriyaan tez kara lo'.

    Thankfully, Priyanka won't be seen sharpening knives like the original character 'Mala', instead she will be shown brewing some coffee and cappuccinos as she will be running a café. 

    Director Apoorva Lakhia would be directing this one and it is believed that Priyanka has been paid 1.2 million dollars for her role. 

    The way Piggy chops has been lucky for 'remakes' in the past, we hope this one will be worth it too!!

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