• Rachcha has the costliest song sequence

    28th January 2012

    After his film "Orange" bombed badly at the box office Ram Charan Teja is leaving no stone unturned to make his upcoming film Rachcha a blockbuster, and crores of rupees have been spent on the action and item numbers.

    Producer R.B. Choudury had to shell out Rs 2 crore just for one action sequence in the film.

    As it was shot in picturesque China, the scene required loads of bamboo sticks and the high-adrenaline action shots were choreographed by a Chinese stunt master.

    “It’s quite a unique action sequence and Charan did a good job with his reflexes and agility, convincingly bashing up the thugs amidst the bamboo sticks,” says a crew member. The producer also spent another Rs 80 lakh to rope in B-town actress Lisa Hayden of "Aisha" and "Rascals" fame, for the racy title track.

    Since he has designed the film as a ‘clean entertainer’, New Age director Sampath Nandi has refrained from shooting for any intimate or lip-lock scenes.

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