• Rohan Sippy high on supernatural drama

    25th March 2014

    Bollywood Filmmaker Rohan Sippy has bought the rights of 'Turbulence', a novel by Samit Basu for a film adaptation.

    The novel is based on the two lead characters who discover they have supernatural powers. The story moves from London to Delhi and is set in the future. 

    Author of the book, Samit Basu will be penning down the screenplay for Rohan. He confirmed that Rohan was mighty impressed by the story's plot and despite of Hollywood biggies showing keen interest in the book, how the filmmaker won over them. 

    "Rohan was bowled over by the plot and he beat top Hollywood studios to the rights. The Sippys will be making the film which is targetting a 2015 release. A lot of time will go into the prep and post production too as it is an action and VFX-heavy film," said Basu. 

    On the other hand, Rohan too confessed that he wanted to make a film on it as soon as he completed reading the book. 

    "The minute I finished Samit's book, I knew I had to bring it on celluloid. We're working on the script and will finalise the cast soon," said Rohan.

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