• Russell Crowe laughs off kayak mishap

    3rd September 2012

    Russell Crowe has joked he didn't get lost on his kayaking adventure, he just "ran out of day".

    The Oscar-winning actor was picked up by a Coast Guard boat after kayaking in the waters of New York's Long Island.

    The Gladiator star was with his personal trainer when they lost their bearings and ended up in Huntington Bay, almost ten miles from Cold Spring Harbor, where they set out.

    "not lost,we knew where exactly where we were, paddling around from csh into wind, we ran out of day. Grand adventure eh @chris_feather (sic)," the 48-year-old tweeted.

    Coast Guard Petty Officer Robert Swieciki was patrolling the area when he heard the actor call out from the shore.

    The guard gave the stranded pair a ride to the Huntington Harbor.

    "He just needed a little bit of help, he just got a little lost," Officer Swieciki told New York Daily News.

    "It wasn't really a rescue, really, more of just giving someone a lift."

    No one was injured during their adventure and Russell has laughed about their slight mishap on Twitter.

    "@Chris_Feather Have you recovered from our Bear Grylls adventure yet? Might have been eagle eggs for breakfast ! You make your own luck mate (sic)," the actor joked.

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