• Saifeena plan their schedules to keep love alive

    31st July 2014

    Bollywood is a tough industry to be in. The erratic schedules and the demanding profession can take a toll on the relationship of the stars of tinsel town. Especially, if both the people in a relationship are from the same profession, keeping up pace in personal lives becomes a task.

    Ask about this to Kareena Kapoor Khan who hasn't stopped beaming about her relationship with Saif Ali Khan ever since they started dating five years back.

    Since the time Kareena got hitched in 2012, the actress has been all vocal about the length at which they go to keep the romance alive in their lives. The two are famous for their PDA and also the multiple vacations that they take in a year.

    But Kareena claims that this takes a lot of planning and confesses that they try matching their dates to plan their upcoming holidays. "Our diaries are being matched for our vacation in August and September," smiles Kareena who further explains why it is difficult for them to manage sometimes.

    "Time is important. Saif and I have enough time and space apart, we need enough time together also. From March this year, I have been shooting in Goa and Hyderabad. Saif has been working in Los Angeles and Detroit. Honestly, I have lost track of where all his shootings have taken him. When I was doing five films, he was doing two. Now that he is doing five films, I am doing two. As we speak, he is in London. He cannot keep coming back to India, so I have to fly to meet him. It is nice to sometimes plan our lives together. There is no denying that there's a shift in gear," states Bebo.

    She further adds that they are not an exception as everyone needs to plan their life accordingly. "Not only me, every actor in the world needs to know his travel and work schedules well in advance. How else will they plan their lives? One has to strategize and plan," she added.

    Apart from holidays and vacations, Bebo is also busy doing her new home where she plans to move soon. She confessed that such domestic responsibilities take up a lot of her time, but hey, she ain't complaining.

    "I plan to move in the new home by next year. Moving into a new place will take up a lot of energy. I would like to do that uninterrupted. Besides, the house will take some more time to get done," she announces proudly.

    For someone who always had her ideas clear, Kareena comes as no surprise when it comes to balancing her personal and professional life. After all, she loves to have the best of both worlds.

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