• Salman: I didn't defend SRK, just spoke the truth

    9th January 2013

    When Bollywood superstar Salman Khan defended his arch rival Shah Rukh Khan in a fight with the Bigg Boss contestant Imam, he confessed that he doesn’t understand the buzz over his statement.

    While in his feud with Salman, designer cum casting director Imam went overboard in claiming that it was because of him that SRK and Preity Zinta touched the peak of their respective careers.

    This had irked Salman who went on to defend SRK and Preity by publicly stating that the stars have achieved success with their hard work and Imam was no where responsible for their achievements.

    Though it was being said that Salman is getting soft towards SRK, the 'Dabangg' star confessed that whatever he said was not personal but the truth.

    "There was nothing personal. All of us work really hard in this industry to reach this stage. I just stood by the truth. I just didn't speak about SRK but also Preity but people will never talk about that," said Salman.

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