• Salman takes the blame for 'Jai Ho' disappointment

    29th January 2014

    Bollywood's ‘Dabangg’ Star Salman Khan has been ruling the Box Office with his films like 'Wanted', 'Bodyguard', 'Ek Tha Tiger' and 'Dabangg' series from the last few years.

    Salman enjoyed an undisputed position as all his mentioned films struck gold each year consecutively. But unfortunately his latest release 'Jai Ho' has failed to keep up the winning streak. Unlike his aforementioned films, this one has not garnered as much business as the industry expected.

    Despite of huge hype and getting a festive release, the film has just garnered Rs. 60 crores on its first weekend.

    Salman confessed that he is confused with the response and takes the blame for the film's lukewarm success.

    "Film's run at the box office has confused all of us because the reactions inside the theatres and the collections are not matching. It is a very strange thing", he said at the launch of Gixxer bikes by Suzuki. (See Pictures)

    Salman realizes that as 'Jai Ho' is different from his regular masala commercial films, it is the social nature of the film that has led to people's ill interest in the film.

    "This time we tried to do something different, may be people were expecting something like Dabangg, Ready like time pass film to enjoy. 'Jai Ho' is not that kind of film; this is a serious film with a social message. I will only say that the credit or the blame for my film should come to me and not to anybody else. Perhaps I have failed in bringing in the people", he added.

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