• Sanjay Dutt unfazed by ‘Rascals’ failure

    15th October 2011

    Bollywood’s latest slapstick comedy ‘Rascals’ opened to negative response from the critics and the audience as well and this has left director David Dhawan with a knot in his belly.

    David recently confessed that he overdid comedy in ‘Rascals’ which took the fun out of the film and even stated that he regrets his work on the film that was his close friend Sanjay Dutt’s production. He was especially apologetic for the fact that he couldn’t make a good film for his friend.

    However, when Sanjay heard about David’s regret, he immediately called up David to reveal about his stand. David declared that Sanjay was extremely cool with the failure and reassured David that the fate of the film will not affect their friendship by an ounce. On the contrary, Sanjay confirmed to David that he is eager to do one more film with David and is ready to produce it as well.

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